Working With Me

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

__Andy Warhol

Today we are all so busy.  I want to make coaching as easy as possible for you.  Although I love meeting in person, I realize that this option does not always work with one’s schedule.  Coaching today is global.  I operate via Phone, Skype, or Zoom if an in person meeting is not possible.

If we coach in person, I can meet you at your favorite local coffee shop in Seattle or Bellevue or you may meet me at my Capitol Hill or Eastlake Seattle location.

I do not charge for my first 30–40 minute intake.  I meet with you in person or on the phone to discuss a little bit more about the coaching process and we then determine if you and I are a good fit and if coaching sounds like it is something you wish to pursue. I believe change does not happen overnight and I work with clients over a minimum of a three-month period with two sessions per month.  Coaching is an investment in yourself in so many ways, including financially.  I work best with clients that remain curious, open, and engaged.

My flat rate is $230.00 per month which includes two sessions per month (with text, email, and  phone  follow-up between sessions) which I bill for over a three-month commitment and give my clients four months to complete due to vacation, travel and family schedules.  Once you have completed six sessions, I will see you on a one-time pay as you go basis.

My rate for business coaching varies depending on the assignment, the number of individuals involved and the length of time we coach together.  Once we decide on the assignment, I provide you with a detailed quote.

I will not ever rush you in our coaching time together. I coach with you at your own pace, one step at a time.  I am a connector, campaigner, advocate and team player in my work. I also have a  playful spirit. I enjoy working with people and developing relationships that are trusting, collaborative, and continue to build to their fullest potential. I am your champion and advocate and will hold you accountable during our time together.  However, the work will be all yours.  I will graciously hold the space as YOU will be in charge of your journey.

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