Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

__Leo Tolstoy

“Carla is a very caring and compassionate coach who beautifully blends those attributes with accountability in a manner that motivates you to want to succeed. She will champion you to do your best and in the process you will quiet fears, dispel assumptions, discover opportunities, and find success in ways you never knew were possible. Thank you Carla for helping me be accountable for my goals and believing in myself enough to make them happen.”  M. B., Entrepreneur

“While being coached by Carla, I was able to set goals and execute plans to accomplish my goals. Carla’s got a way of making you feel capable; she empowers her clients to achieve whatever they want. Because of Carla, I feel prepared to build the life I’ve always wanted.”  A. G., Public Relations 

“Carla Kerner—as my Life Coach has a way of asking very poignant questions during a session (i.e. when I was experiencing a big issue in my life regarding my daughters high school placement) that brought clarity, mindfulness and a solution to my issue!! Thank you, Coach!! ”  C. B., Teacher

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