“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why I Coach for CHANGE in LIFE

Have you been in a place in life where you feel at a standstill?

Do you know you need to make a change in a particular area of your life and you cannot seem to make that happen?

Are you going a long managing and navigating CHANGE and feeling as though it is not going as quickly or efficiently as you would like?

Is your current career falling short, Is your relationship(s) in need of a change or tune-up, or is your current lifestyle not making you thrive?

I Coach to CHANGE from Unsatisfactory or Mediocre to Extraordinary

Why I Coach for CHANGE in BUSINESS

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur and you know something is not working and you are not sure what?

Do you have a great idea for a new business and need help with execution?

Does your business culture seem “off” and you need some work on team building?

Is your business plan out-dated and/or do you need a change with your marketing and sales strategy?

I am here to Coach start-ups and small businesses through changes that build teamwork, creativity, productivity and efficiency.  My specialized focus in Business Coaching also includes marketing and sales expertise.

I Coach for CHANGE because I believe CHANGE is the personal growth that exists in all of us.  CHANGE begins in the heart and is the muscle that develops richly to provide the life WE wish to set before us.  CHANGE calls on our personal strengths and pushes us to do our personal best.

I am here to coach you as you navigate and manage CHANGE.  I work with you to discover and implement changes you want to make in your business, professional and/or personal life to bring joyful possibilities and opportunities.  To learn more about coaching and me, click on About Coaching and the Coaching Services I provide.